Monday, 29 September 2014

Craft Room Tour - With VIDEO!

I, briefly,  mentioned last week that I was making plans for working on my house. There are lots of big-ish plans in the pipeline, (there is even talk of knocking down walls!) but there are also plenty of little niggling things to get done too. My 'office' is one of the rooms that doesn't actually need a massive amount of work, but it definitely needs a good tidy up and re-organisation. 

It could do with being a bit prettier too.

I started today with some of the tidying up/clearing out but it is far from finished. In fact I have, just  now, shoved over a massive pile of random rubbish to make room for the laptop on my desk. And I can barely see the floor.

Before I started pulling things off shelves, however, I decided I would make a little 'before' video, so you can see how potentially nice a space it is, if only it wasn't so full of STUFF. 

So here it is! A tour of Where Wishes Come From HQ!

Warning: I use the word stuff a lot.


P.S. My voice sounds SO WEIRD to me! But I know why - so I'm trying to ignore it.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Creepy Crayons

I have been dying to try making recycled crayons for ages now, (It's one of the few things I've ever spotted on Pinterest that actually seemed 'doable') and when I spotted a brilliant silicone 'skull and bone' ice-cube tray in my local €2 shop I knew the time had come to give it a go.

I was actually shocked at how easy it was to make these and I love the look of the finished product. I also love how all of the cheapo, broken and stubby crayons my girls refused to use have been made desirable again.

You will Need:
Old broken crayons
A ‘skull and bone’ silicone mould  (find similar here)
An oven


  • Remove the paper from the crayons and break into small pieces
  • Fill the moulds to the top with the broken crayons
  • Set the oven to 140℃
  • Place the silicone mould on an oven tray, with some foil/greaseproof paper underneath it to protect from spills, and place in the oven
  • Keep an eye on it, but it shouldn’t take much more that 15 minutes for the crayons to melt completely*
  • Remove from the oven and place somewhere safe to let cool.
  • Wait until the wax has set and cooled completely before removing them carefully from the mould.

* Make sure the overhead fan is on and the room is well ventilated. Open a window at least!

These could be made in advance and used as a fun alternative to handing out sweets at the front door to trick or treaters, or just to have on hand for your own little monsters on Hallowe'en night.

They would also be cool as favours for a pirate themed birthday party!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Not New Niceties #2

Are we allowed to use the hashtag symbol to denote the word 'number' anymore? I feel like a whole generation won't have a clue why I'm hashtagging the number two up there ... but I digress... already.

This month's edition of NNN is a mish mash affair and can be pretty much summed up in one photo:

The girls got a bag of hand-me down clothes from a relation this week and there has been much joy and many trying on sessions since. The favourites, so far, are pictured above and I think I'm going to have a tough job trying to get them to let me wash them when the the clothes start walking off them. Which is what will take to get Sábha to take off that knitted fox dress.

The t-shirt under that cute little denim number has a cat on it too. I can't say when Lile will let me remove it, but it won't be today... or probably tomorrow either...

The clothes, lovely as they are, would make a great focus for this post BUT lovelier still is the shop the girls are sitting in front of.

Florence Fortune's Antique Shop is one of my new favourite shops in Bray. It opened just a short while ago and has already become a very welcome addition to our town. It is jam-packed with antiques, vintage drapery and a multitude of curiosities.

A perfect place to find Not New Niceties!

There are lots of other exciting things happening in the shop too, such as  Pop-Up Shops and Up-cycling demos and lots of other creative things in the pipeline.

The Hat at the Pop-Up
On Saturdays there is the most adorable Lemonade stand, manned by the cutest little entrepreneur you ever clapped eyes on.

Delicious home-made lemonade, a sweet place to sit and sip and lovely things to browse and buy - what more could you want?!


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